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Bike to Work 2024

University of Zurich Included

The aim of the national campaign «bike to work» is to encourage as many workers as possible to travel to work by bike or under their own steam (e.g. on foot, inline skates, etc.).

Yes, You Too! Give It a Try!

move your team

Anyone who manages to commute by bike at least half of his working month is entered into the competition with prizes to the value of CHF 140,000.00. And if you get the taste for it, you have already completed your fitness programme of the day. Just 30 minutes of exercise a day not only increase performance and well-being, but also lower your risk of sickness. And besides, you do something good for the environment!

Encourage your colleagues to take part too. Find other like-minded people in your institute, department, or lab and form a team of four, think up a suitable name and submit your registration.


You can register online here.

Enter University of Zurich as the Company Name on the registration form. You will be led through the registration process.

Weiterführende Informationen

Photo: Zurich City

Bike Routes Zurich City

Looking for the best route to City , Irchel, or Oerlikon campus?

Image bike safety campaign

Biking Safety - Not Without My Helmet

Here you will find tips and information on biking safety provided by bfu (Advisory Services for Accident Prevention) and SUVA. As brainworkers at UZH, it is all the more important that we protect our head with a helmet when riding to UZH too. (Photo: bfu)